Sculptor, engineer, artist, naturalist ...

Colin Dunton has always been interested in the natural world, his interests include bird and animal watching, visiting wild places, sculpting, hunting and taxidermy.

Colin started skinning and mounting small mammals and birds at the age of 12.

During the early 70's Colin worked at Rowland Ward Ltd, London.

In 1975 he started a business specialising in high quality bird taxidermy. In the 80's he became interested in sculpting and mounting mammals and experimenting with materials for moulding and casting his original sculpted taxidermy manikins and forms.

The business became Colin Dunton Ltd in 2012. We use many of the original sculpted manikins and continue to add more to our inventory. We also sculpt specific poses for our clients, encouraging them to collect reference photographs and measurements as this helps us to produce accurate life like mounts.

Colin Dunton Ltd - Taxidermists for Hunters, Collectors and Museums

"Colin Dunton makes an art of the taxidermist's craft in Wiltshire, from birds to the big five. Sculptor, engineer, artist, naturalist - Colin Dunton is all of these things, but what he does for a living is taxidermy."

The Field, January 2013 - read full article.