Full mounts/lifesize

We have mounted over 40 species/sub species of wild sheep and ibex, big cats, bears, many species of antelope from Africa and Asia. We custom sculpt and cast many forms and offer customers this service for specific poses.

Shoulder mounts

After 30 plus years we have huge experience mounting game and shoulder mounts from around the world.


We specialise in cased birds with habitat.


Rugs with mounted heads or as flat skins , padded, backed and edged in traditional scalloped felt edging.

Delivery of finished trophies

We can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK/EU and crating /export to other countries.

Shields and wooden bases

Made to our own design in solid hardwood.


Made and designed groundwork created to mimic habitats such as marshland, woodland, dry cracked earth and rock for our cases, bases or large diaramas.


Backskins and full skins soft tanned fur on as simple rugs, throws and wall hangings.

Glass cases

Most birds and small mammals mounts are best enclosed in our all glass cases along with well designed groundwork.